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Winjum Law Firm

The Winjum Law Firm was started to provide dedicated representation to people who have suffered injuries caused by the fault of others.


  Ken Winjum and Ben Cook spent many years as lawyers for insurance companies.  Now, they use their knowledge and experience to obtain the very best results for injured people.

The Winjum Law Firm: 

We used to work for them. 

Now we work for You!



The attorneys at The Winjum Law Firm will focus on getting the most amount of money possible from the insurance company.  Sometimes insurance companies do present fair offers.  In those cases, the firm’s attorneys will make sure you understand all of the legal and factual issues before you accept a settlement offer.

When the insurance company does not act fairly, the attorneys at The Winjum Law Firm will file suit and take a case to a jury if necessary. 

The Winjum Law Firm: 

Dedicated to maximum recovery for You!


Logan Lang

Sue Woody


Ken Winjum and Ben Cook have devoted their professional careers to the area of personal injury law. 

For years, Ken and Ben represented the interests of insurance companies.  They each have handled hundreds of cases through litigation, mediation and trial. 


Now they use this experience to obtain the best results possible for their injured clients.

The Winjum Law Firm: 

Knowledge and experience to get the best result for You!