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Did I Wait Too LongTo Make a Claim?


     Whether it is because the extent of an injury is not initially appreciated, or the “bother” involved in going through the claims process, many persons injured through no fault of their own go uncompensated.

      One who continues to suffer from an injury that occurred in the past may wonder if a valid claim can still be made.  Iowa Chapter 614.1 provides that actions founded on injuries to person or reputation, whether based on contract or tort must be brought within two years.  In addition, there can be situations where an even shorter period of time to take certain actions may be required.

     Chapter 614.1 is commonly known as Iowa’s “Statute of Limitations.”  If an action is not brought within the period prescribed, then the injured person permanently loses his or her rights to recover.  An “action” is another name for a suit filed against the at fault party in an appropriate court. 

     In other words, preserving a person’s rights to recover can be accomplished by filing suit against the responsible party.  It should be noted that the vast majority of suits filed are resolved by way of settlement, rather than by trial.

     A simple call to an experienced attorney may provide guidance to one who is unsure about the viability of his or her claim.  Many attorneys in the field offer a free initial consultation over the phone or in person.


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