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I was Injured. Should I Settle?

It can be a difficult and stressful time for those injured by the negligence of another. Often, the insurance company for the at fault party will contact the injured person about the accident.

The insurance company may make a quick offer for injuries in exchange for a signed release. Of course, if such an offer is accepted, the injured person’s claims are terminated even if it turns out the injury was worse than anticipated.

Although the insurance company representatives may be helpful and well meaning, their ultimate goal is to settle the case at an amount within the value they set for the case. Insurance companies have an informational advantage because they handle thousands of cases, whereas an injured person may be experiencing the claims process for the first time.

Before agreeing to any settlement, an injured person has the right to consult a lawyer. An experienced attorney can provide information about what a claim may be worth and can help evaluate whether an early settlement is appropriate.

Many attorneys who handle personal injury cases will provide an initial consultation free of charge and can provide direction for an injured party. It may be wise for a person unfamiliar with the claims process to consult with an experienced attorney before agreeing to a final settlement with an insurance company.

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