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Internet Ads and Case Values


     In this day and age, people often consult the internet for answers to their questions.  Some of the most common questions in the legal field concern whether a case exists and the value of the case.  Websites and advertisements purporting to provide answers to these questions abound on the internet.

     Such sites may purport to provide a settlement calculator or a case evaluator.  In so doing, they completely disregard a point of law in Iowa that certain damages are not determined by a mathematical formula. 

     It is also notable that many such sites originate in states which may have different laws and different legal landscapes for a given matter.  It may be that relying on an internet formula to determine the value of a case would be no better than simply pulling a number out of the air. 

     In reality, there is one sure way to find out what a case is worth.  A trial to a duly seated jury.  Every case has strengths and weaknesses which are brought out through the legal process of presenting evidence and testing that evidence through examination in front of neutral factfinders.

            An experienced attorney can inform the injured person (and the insurance company) how the unique facts of a case may affect the outcome and value of a given case.  However, there is no “magic” formula for determining a case’s value and one should be wary of any site or individual who makes a promise to “tell you what your case is worth.” 

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