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Truck Accident Injuries

Norwalk, IA Truck Accident Attorneys

A motor vehicle accident involving a truck can have a devastating effect on you and your family for years to come.  It can result in injuries far greater than an accident involving only cars. You may also experience hardship due to mounting medical bills, lost wages, and rental car expenses.

As you heal from your physical and emotional injuries the experienced truck accident lawyers at The Winjum Law Firm, PLC can help protect your legal rights and your long-term recovery.


Information to Gather

Any information you can provide will help us to guide you through the legal process so we can ensure you are properly treated and cared for.

  • Write down what you know about the accident.

  • Keep a record of the contact information of all other drivers, passengers, and witnesses to the accident.

  • Take photos of your injuries, the accident site, and damage to your vehicle.

  • Keep receipts of any expenses you’ve incurred including medical bills, car repairs, and vehicle rentals.

  • If you fill out an accident report form, do not admit to blame but simply state the facts.


Compensation for Your Injuries

If you’ve suffered injuries from a truck accident document as much as you can.  While an insurance adjuster may attempt to evaluate your injuries, they don't possess the unique experience needed when an accident involves a semi-truck.  The experienced Norwalk, Iowa attorneys at The Winjum Law Firm, PLC do!

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